Top Floor Investments will not return my security deposit even after 30 days

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Company will not return my security deposit because they have already spent the monies. Every time I attempt to contact them, the ignore my phone calls and claim that I call too much.

They threatened that they will reduce the amount I am owed unless I stop calling. The business has multiple owners and pass responsibility off to each other. The property was poorly taken care of and in horrible condition. Very unsatisfied and warn everyone to not rent any of their said rental properties.

The contacts are Ivo and his brother Konstantine, who will probably be out of town when you try to contact them. 8010 Community Drive, Manassas, Virginia 20109

Monetary Loss: $1150.



You could always report them to the better business buraeu you know. That way the cannot scam any one else


You know what is funny Ivan? I had called you multiple times, once just the other day to ask you why you had received my security deposit from Washington gas and had not notified me but you won't pick up or return my calls.

SOOO UNPROFESSIONAL. Your "list" of itemized deductions was a piece of paper that said you took 100 for something and 300 for something else. When I called you to find out what it was, you never returned my phone calls.....hmm..funny that you respond on here. Afraid of a girl?

You are a *** and your business is a joke. Don't even try to defend yourself. If you needed those parking passes, which it was not in the contract that i was to return them, then you should have called. oh that's right, you won't call me.

You should have your business license taken away you scammer. :grin


This claim is false and without merit.

The deposit along with an itemized list of deductions was sent within the 45 days limit.

We actually waived many of the violations such as the lost parking permit which cost $100 to replace.

For 1-year the tenant only had one or two service calls which were both addressed within a day.


By law they have to return your security deposit (minus and charges)to withni 45 days of move out. (Virginia Rasidential Landlord Tenant Act).

Also if you lived there more than 13 months they are to pay intrest on this.

You can serve them with a warent in debt this will only cost you about $30 thru the courts. It will be settled then.

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